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Archer, Brewer, Cook, Equestrian, Fencer
Award of Arms, Golden Alce
Order of the Zule, The Silver Raindrop

Icelandic Viking, with occasional forays into Italian Renaissance and Elizabethan when he’s fencing..or riding..or shooting things…

Knight Marshal
Archer, Armorer, Equestrian, Fencer, Heavy Fighter, Tailor, Throwing Weapons
Award of Arms, Golden Alce, Keystone, Cornelian
Order of the Banner, Order of the Crimson Thunderbolt, Order of the Zule

Ulrich is the son of a 10th century Dane and German nobleman. Born around 930 AD, he was brought up to be a warrior with additional skills in leadership, tactics and armoring.

Father of 4, happily married and employed with the Dept. of Labor and Industry for the state of PA.
Arts, Cook, Heraldry, Scribe, Wordsmith
Award of Arms, Sycamore
Order of the Golden Lamp, Order of the Zule

Late 1500s Elizabethan/Tudor, time and culture traveling will probably happen (wink). Lady-in-Waiting in the court of Elizabeth I. Occasionally referred to as The Tyrant…I have NO idea WHY…

Chicago-area raised Barb (Douglas) Gable, attended Northern Illinois University, B.A. Studio Arts; married to Dave (Gunnarr) since 1979,; currently, retired from the working world; two grown offspring, Mark (Lord Mark le Gabler) and Jen (Banshee/Lady Rhiannon le Meke); former advertising manager and art director for an ad specialties agency in Chicago.
of Lothian
Minister of the Lists
Arts, Bard, Cook, Tailor
Award of Arms, Cornelian, Sigil of Æthelmearc, Æthelmearc Award of Excellence, Court Baroness
Order of the Golden Lamp

Euriol is the daughter of one of the ladies in waiting to Elizabeth de Burgh (Queen Consort to Robert the Bruce). Much to her mother’s chagrin, Euriol often sneaked into the kitchen to help with the cooking, but she was educated enough to appreciate the fine art of embroidery. As a young woman she enjoyed travelling with the court (and still would often sneak into the kitchens to learn what she could from the Master cooks she met in her travels). She was wedded for a while, and from this union she gave birth to two sons Ian and Stefanus. She is very proud as a mother as she witnesses her two sons growing into fine men. Her eldest son, Ian, often sneaks his way into the kitchens with or without her.

Software Developer whose home base is in Scranton, Pennsylvania. She was born and raised in San Jose, California. She attended San Jose State University earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics in 1989. She has two sons Erik (born in 1993) and Stephen (born in 1995) from her previous marriage to Robert Baldassano.
ty Isaf
Not in Office
Arts, Cook, Heraldry, Tailor
Award of Arms, Sycamore, Millrind

Kateryna’s grandfather was an installed English nobleman, whose daughter had the audacity to marry a Welshman for love. He bought a modest farm and home called ty Isaf and set his daughter and her husband up as landowners away from his English castle. They died while Kateryna was a very young woman and she inherited ty Isaf. Because she occasionally harbored boarders, Kateryna first saw the world through the eyes of her traveling friends. She met and married an Englishman, Lord Gregory, with whom she has a great and abiding affection. Together they have a beautiful and miraculous daughter Helen.

wife of Scott, mother of Helen.
Silvertop the Rogue
Captain of Rapiers
Arts, Brewer, Fencer, Heraldry, Thespian, Wordsmith
Award of Arms, Golden Alce, Sycamore, Keystone, White Scarf, Sigil of Æthelmearc
Order of the Crimson Thunderbolt, Order of the Zule

Paul Po Silvertop the Rogue Tarlton: the illegitimate son of Richard Tarlton. Elizabethan actor, jester, troubadour and London Master of Defense, Richard Tarlton takes his place in theatrical history as creator of the stage fool; his performance in this role is thought to have influenced Shakespeare’s creation of the character Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Tartlton himself is said to have been the model for the court jester Yorick, described in Hamlet. Richard’s popularity and genius were undisputed—not only was he a well-known actor but also Queen Elizabeth I’s favorite jester, the only one able to undumpish her when she was out of humour and the only one allowed to tell her of her faults. In 1583, Richard Tarlton became a leading comic actor of the Queen’s Men and groom of her Majesty’s chamber. His plays, which were praised by contemporaries, are all lost, but several volumes of Elizabethan humor are still extant and attributed to him. Richard Tarlton appears on the lists of the London Masters of Defence, meaning he was a fully accredited master and teacher of several styles of rapier combat.) Po (the result of a tryst between Tarlton and a London barmaid) studied both swordplay and theatre first under his father Richard, and then later under additional members of the Lord Chamberlain’s Men. Additional interests (writing, singing and wenching) were later added to his repertoire during several lengthy tours through Europe as a member of various small traveling thespian companies. During one of these lengthy tours Po acquired a small sea-going vessel The Muses Call as well as privateers Letters of Marque from Their Majesties.

A transplanted New Yorker and first-generation bookstore-brat, Scott Werbin started private acting courses (and sabre fencing) as a young boy, and went on to earn dual Bachelor of Arts Degrees in both performance and technical theatre at Wilkes College (where he studied under noted Broadway Scenic Designer Klaus Holm). After graduating from Wilkes University, Scott continued his technical theatre studies at a graduate level at both Villanova University and then in Yale University’s Graduate Theatre program. Returning to NEPA, Scott has spent time on the board of directors (as facility Technical Director) for three different regional theatres, and under the name of “Technical Thaumaturgy” has been offering his services as a freelance scenic and lighting designer, as well as stage combat choreographer. His scenic design for “Dear Esther: A Holocaust Play” was used on tour with the Pennsylvania Repertory Theatre for several years. In addition to designing lights and sets, he still auditions and is seen onstage. Scott has also coordinated and directed the Steel Rose Players, a medieval/renaissance reenactment group that performs at local faires. He also spent a decade managing bookstores and writing literary reviews. During daylight hours he provides customer service for a pharmaceutical corporation. He and his 3rd generation theatre-brat wife Jessica are currently raising the 4th generation of theatre-brats, Eric and Michael.
Not in Office
Cook, Tailor
Award of Arms, Keystone
Order of the Zule

Juliana comes from a middle-class merchant family that specializes in the sale and export of fine wool goods. She lives with her family in their modest estate out in the countryside, and enjoys going to London to see and be seen in the courts.

a loving and devoted wife to Josh/Tufa and a wonderful Mommy to her two cats, Seth and Isis. She is a graduate of Luzerne Community College and Westchester University.
the Oracle
Chancellor of Youth
Bard, Fencer, Heavy Fighter, Throwing Weapons, Wood Worker
Award of Arms, Keystone
Order of the Zule, The Silver Raindrop
Marie Dobrowolski

My family had been Nomads for quite some time, fleeing from the Christian genocide against witches. The courts seized or imprisoned our kind in the witch’s prisons. They think we are evil because of our mystic energy, and others want to keep us as slaves. We roam Europe in search of a place to call our own. We are peaceful people and do not mean any harm to anyone.

married since October 2000 Kevin (Gaeth). She has degrees in Psychology and Political Science and works with children who have behavioral difficulties and Autism. Nothing in my mundane life is mundane.
mac Gilla Brigde
Heraldry, Heavy Fighter
Award of Arms, Golden Alce
Order of the Zule

Cormacc is son of Gilla Brigde mac Cullen and Soiban of Thomond. Born into the same clan as Ard Ri Brian Boru, Cormacc is the third generation to serve in Brian’s army. His Grandfather Cullen mac Finn being one of Brian’s original followers. He sees battling Northman (Vikings) as his own personal crusade to remove the heathens from Ireland. After the battle of Clontarf (1014 A.D.,) and more importantly Ard Ri Brian’s death, Cormacc left Ireland in search of a king worth serving.

It’s Complicated.
Not in Office
Archer, Arts, Bard, Heavy Fighter, Throwing Weapons
Award of Arms, Keystone
Order of the Zule, The Silver Raindrop

I have been fascinated by Henry V and the Battle of Agincourt and the surrounding circumstances.

Quality Control Specialist, gamer and happy father of Helen Lorene Macek (Helen Hillson).