August 10, 2017


New to the Barony?
Or New to the SCA?

The SCA is a living history organization, researching and recreating the Middle Ages and Renaissance, focusing on pre-17th century Western European culture.. A good basic explanation is given here.

The Chatelaine of our group is the officer in charge of welcoming and helping newcomers. You can go the Chatelaine’s web page here.

Our Barony has a full schedule of regular activities and hosts several larger- scale events each year—our free monthly electronic newsletter is a great way to find out what is coming up. Just email the Chronicler with your name, SCA name if you have one, and email address and we’ll put you on the list.

Newcomers Meetings

Newcomers meetings are held at various locations and times in the Barony

Currently Newcomers meetings at Barnes & Noble’s in the Arena Hub Plaza Wilkes-Barre as 7:00 PM.
There will be meetings every other Thursday all year round. Please spread the word and let everyone know to bring their new comers.
It’s a free event no garb required.